Introducing recommended campaigns
* Haste Pokkori stomach / constipation relief * [Concentration of constriction x Intestinal activity x Rib tightening]
Autonomic nerves, immunity enhancement, lymphatic drainage [stiff shoulder x stiff neck x back pain]
Resuscitation of skin-beautifying energy [skin-beautifying effect x head energy x decollete]
Tiredness of PC and smartphone [Headache x Eye strain x Neck x Stiff shoulder]
Lower body size down [Pelvis adjustment x small butt up x O leg x leg adjustment x leg length x swelling]
[Popular No. 1] Reward beauty treatment salon for me who is tired! ★ Fundamental improvement Full concentration 120 minutes

Thorough prevention of infection in the salon

Thank you for using it.
At our salon, we will strive to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection by thoroughly managing the physical condition of our staff and hygiene management of the salon so that everyone can receive beauty treatments with peace of mind.

  • Health management
    Infection prevention is implemented with private rooms
  • Prevention of droplet infection
    Staff always wear masks to prevent droplet infections
  • Disinfection for each treatment
    All equipment used for the treatment is hypochlorous acid water, etc., and disinfected after each treatment.
  • Bacta shield
    Uses a bacta shield that cleans the air and can also "sterilize, antibacterial, and deodorize"


Heal your physical and mental fatigue and live a wonderful life

Everyone wants to live a healthy and enjoyable life.
What do you need to live a happy life?
It's about balancing your mind and body and always being energetic, lively and shining.
Let COCO help you with your beauty.

Reasons to be chosen

  • Reasons to be chosen 1
    Narita Esthetics COCO is a result-seeking salon that addresses the concerns of each and every customer and pays close attention to the results. With COCO's unique technology, results can be obtained even in a short time.
  • Reason for choice 2
    COCO attaches great importance to counseling, and we will ask you in detail about your concerns and requests when you call or visit us. We will advise you to solve the root cause of your worries.
  • Reason for choice 3
    At COCO in Narita, we support customers' beauty and health from three angles: internal, mental and beauty, as well as external beauty through salon care. We will give advice on beauty and health including daily life such as eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Access

    Please see the access information to Coco Narita, which is reliable and proven.


    Store name

    COCO Narita

    Street address

    MK Building 1F, 3-10 Hiyoshikura, Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture

    phone number
    business hours


    Regular holiday

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    Beauty salon and COCO Narita is loved by the local community.In addition to a convenient location that can be accessed by public transportation and private cars, in addition to high quality facials and slimming that lead to beautiful skin and small face We have a reputation for high-grade body menus that help you do it. If you are coming for the first time, we will provide you with a sincere hospitality where you can relax, so please consult us.

    About us
    Beauty salon Coco Narita is a salon with a good reputation in the area
    Please contact Coco Narita for body care at the beauty salon.

    Based on the idea that "all women are beautiful and healthy, and happy with a rich heart," we pursued three-sided beauty of the outside, inside, and spirit, and the true beauty that overflows from the inside as well as the appearance. We offer a high-grade menu to deliver health and wellness. The body menu that is perfect for those who aim to slim down includes the "pelvic adjustment & cell fat repelling course", the treatment of wearing a special pressure belt and EMS while lying down, stiff shoulders, stoop, and back fat. We offer treatments for those who are interested in achieving a beautiful body line and improving fatigue, pain, and stiffness.
    By enjoying deep relaxation both physically and mentally, the natural healing power and resilience of sleeping in the body are activated, and great benefits can be expected in terms of health and beauty. We will provide careful counseling to those who come, listen to their concerns, physical condition, and lifestyle, and then propose a menu suitable for their needs and needs. We also offer one-on-one tailor-made training to achieve the ideal body makeup, so please feel free to contact us.

    Why don't you try the popular facial beauty treatment menu in Narita?

    In addition to the high-grade treatment menu, the salon that supports women who want to "keep beautiful skin that is age-matched" and "want to eliminate swelling and sagging and have a small face" is a home where you can relax from the bottom of your heart. The atmosphere is also attractive. Contrary to the ideal, I felt that my skin became dull due to aging, constitution, and changes in the environment, stains and wrinkles increased, and nasolabial folds appeared. There may be many people who say "I have." Facial menus that lead to improvement of such problems are gaining popularity, and experienced practitioners will check the condition of each person and propose a suitable menu.
    A beauty device that permeates high molecular weight components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid into the skin using a special technique called electroporation restores the original functions of human skin and promotes beautiful skin by normalizing turnover. You can expect the effect of Head therapy, which massages and loosens the scalp that becomes hard and swollen due to tiredness and stress, has a reputation for being able to expect a small face effect when combined with facial treatment, so please feel free to contact us.