Conveniently located, 8 minutes walk from the nearest station and 1 minute walk from Aeon Town.

We also have a parking lot exclusively for our customers, so you can continue to go there without any burden until you reach your ideal.

By adopting a reservation system, we will guide you to the treatment without wasting your precious time.

We have created an environment that is easier to access and go to than Narita.


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COCO Narita

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MK Building 1F, 3-10 Hiyoshikura, Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture

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Beauty salon and COCO Narita is loved by the local community.In addition to a convenient location that can be accessed by public transportation and private cars, in addition to high quality facials and slimming that lead to beautiful skin and small face We have a reputation for high-grade body menus that help you do it. If you are coming for the first time, we will provide you with a sincere hospitality where you can relax, so please consult us.

Train icon Those who come on foot from JR Narita Station (about 12 minutes on foot)
  • From the east exit rotary, proceed along City Hall Street
  • Follow City Hall Street, cross National Highway 51 and continue straight ahead to arrive
Car icon Those who can come by car
  • We do not have a private parking lot, so please use nearby AEON etc.
  • Please feel free to contact us
High-grade body care that supports those who aim for slimming
Would you like to regain beautiful skin that is resistant to age and damage?

We support women who want to keep their skin beautiful and age-matched, and want to eliminate swelling and sagging and have a smaller face. In addition to a high-grade treatment menu, a cozy atmosphere where you can relax from the bottom of your heart. Runs an attractive salon. Contrary to the ideal, there may be many people who feel that their skin has become dull due to aging, constitution, or changes in the environment, that stains and wrinkles have increased, and that nasolabial folds have appeared. Facial menus that lead to improvement of such concerns are gaining popularity, and experienced practitioners will check the condition of each person and propose a suitable menu.
A beauty device that permeates high molecular weight components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid into the skin using a special technique called electroporation restores the original functions of human skin and promotes beautiful skin by normalizing turnover. You can expect the effect of Head therapy, which massages and loosens the scalp that becomes stiff or swollen due to tiredness and stress, has a reputation for being expected to have a small face effect when combined with facial treatment. In addition to proposing cosmetics eye tech as the only dealer in the region, we also handle cosmetics such as Dr. Ricera and Will Search.

As an esthetic salon that cleans all women, order at a personal gym to improve skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, dullness, swelling and sagging, and to regain fresh skin and small face, and to get a firm body line. We have a variety of menus to meet a wide range of requests such as wanting to receive maid training. It's an 8-minute walk from Narita Station, and it's open from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm except for the year-end and New Year holidays. You can easily go according to each life rhythm.
With solid counseling, an experienced practitioner who is conscious of a refreshing smile and polite customer service manners will listen to the story, so it has a reputation of being able to talk about physical problems and complexes that people do not want to hear. .. The treatment menu that adjusts the distortion of the pelvis with high technology and combines "cellulite machine PR cell" and body care that activates the movement of the intestines is gaining popularity. Introducing the latest equipment such as Dr. Slim AIR PROFESSOR, providing Dr. Resera, Aitec, supplement energetic reduced water generator, etc., and striving to improve the quality of service as an esthetic salon in Narita that thoroughly pursues beauty and health. I will come.