Seriously thin trial course

  • COCO Therapy Constriction Experience

    Half an hour
    3,300 (tax included)yen
    COCO Therapy Constriction Experience

    Surprised by the unprecedented experience

    The latest technology that impresses with the effect

    By passing bioelectricity through the hands of the therapist, the customer's autonomic nerves and strain are adjusted, lymph, blood flow promotion, swelling are improved, and basal metabolism and immunity are enhanced. You can style up and become a body that is easy to lose weight and you can diet. For those who have experienced it even once, you can see the healing and results on the spot, so it is a COCO therapy that is impressed by the effect. It is a therapy to heal the mental and physical disorders that are required in an excessively stressed society and to be useful for beauty and inner youth of health.

  • Neck * shoulder * head fatigue (lady)

    Half an hour
    3,300 (tax included)yen
    Neck * shoulder * head fatigue (lady)

    Relieve stress of regenerating beautiful skin

    Care for stiff shoulders

    By adjusting the disorder caused by the disturbance of the autonomic nerves, tiredness and strain of the head and neck, and promoting lymphatic flow and blood flow, metabolism and immunity are improved and lightened.

  • Neck * shoulder * head fatigue (men's)

    Half an hour
    3,300 (tax included)yen
    Neck * shoulder * head fatigue (men's)

    Comes from daily fatigue

    Care for neck / shoulder / head stiffness

    For those who are tired or who are not satisfied with hand massage, our salon will provide care to adjust the bioelectric current, which is closely related to relaxation and original recovery ability, to balance the mind and body.
    By caring for stiffness in the head, neck and shoulders, we will support scalp care, acne, pores and fatigue so that you can have a good morning.

  • Thin legs * Small buttocks

    60 minutes
    6,600 (tax included)yen
    Thin legs * Small buttocks

    "You can see the effect on the spot"

    Leg thinness / small buttocks care

    Supports beauty and health with skillful techniques for small buttocks, long thin legs, and swelling of legs!

    Care that gives a comfortable healing and impression by approaching all over with the therapist's hands

    The topic is that you can see the effect on the spot.

  • Rib thin

    60 minutes
    6,600 (tax included)yen
    Rib thin

    Strengthen inner muscle while sleeping

    Increase metabolism and improve style

    Squeeze your stomach and ribs to bust up

    The underside becomes thinner, and while sleeping, the inner muscle is trained to improve distortion and improve the style.

  • Back stiffness * Back pain

    60 minutes
    6,600 (tax included)yen
    Back stiffness * Back pain

    "Unprecedented" and rave reviews!

    Increase metabolism to improve beauty and health

    It is a therapy unique to our shop that supports beauty and health while healing those who are hard to lose weight no matter what they do, painful stiff shoulders, back pain, and physical and mental disorders.

    Stiff shoulders, stiff back, back pain, arm pain, breathing improvement, immunity improvement, metabolism improvement, autonomic nerve improvement

  • facial

    60 minutes
    6,600 (tax included)yen

    Transparent like pottery

    Leads to beautiful skin that does not require foundation

    [Dr. Ricera Professional Support Alliance]

    By nourishing the deep part with special technology and relaxing the head comfortably, the brain relaxes and improves swelling of the face, sagging of the face and neck, wrinkles, stains, double chin, and skin troubles. You can be impressed by your changes. Care for stiffness around the shoulders.