Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a reservation system?

At COCO, we make a reservation only in order to value the time with each customer.

Do you have Kids rooms?

Yes. There is. There are qualified staff, so please leave it with confidence. Kids rooms also require a full reservation system, so please be sure to make a reservation for the Kids room as well. If you have not made a reservation, you may not be able to keep it.

I don't know which menu to choose.

We will ask you about your worries and requests when you call or come to the store, so you can decide the menu while consulting, so we will propose to you according to your worries. Please feel free to contact us first.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee. Please contact us when you know you can't come to the store because it's a complete reservation system.

Do you ever sell expensive things or be solicited persistently?

Please be assured that COCO does not do any solicitation or sale of products.

Is it okay to go with makeup on?

Yes, we will remove your makeup during the procedure. Please bring your own makeup tools if you want to do makeup after the treatment.

My skin is weak, is that OK?

COCO offers a variety of courses and cosmetics. At the time of the first counseling, we will propose a personalized care based on your skin condition and information, so please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any concerns.

Is it effective even once?

Many customers have felt the benefits of a single treatment. At Coco, we also offer trial prices so that many customers can realize the effect, so please use it.

No matter what you have done so far, skin problems have not been improved. Can you expect improvement even with such skin?

Yes. At COCO, we support our customers not only from external beauty by salon care but also from internal and mental beauty. We are particular about cleaning from the inside of the body so as to avoid adverse effects on the skin such as diet and lifestyle. There are many customers who are pleased with saying, "Even if nothing has been improved until now, it will be so beautiful ..."

How long does it take to visit for the first time besides the treatment time?

Counseling, measuring, changing clothes, etc. require about 60 minutes in addition to the treatment time. Please make a reservation at a date and time that you can afford.
Body 60 minute course (initial required time about 120 minutes)
* Please note that the time required may vary slightly depending on your physical condition and concerns.

Are there showers.

There is no shower, but after the treatment, we will prepare a special towel for wiping.

Do you take off your clothes?

Yes. Depending on the treatment location, for the whole body you will need to change into one piece of paper shorts and wear a gown. During the treatment, the body is not exposed much because it is wrapped in a towel except for the part to be treated. Please be assured that we will consider the customer as little as possible.

Should I avoid it immediately after a meal?

Yes. I think it's better to wait at least one hour after eating. Immediately after a meal, you may feel sick or have difficulty concentrating nerves on the stomach due to the treatment, and digestion may not be performed sufficiently. After treatment, it is easy to absorb food, so please wait at least 2 hours before eating.

Can I operate during menstruation?

Hormonal balance is easily lost during menstruation, and bleeding may increase if the blood circulation is improved by the treatment.