About COCO Esthetic Practice School
You can choose and learn the content that suits you from the basics to applications of esthetics and personals. You can learn not only the theory but also the technique that can produce the result that is done in the actual salon in a short period of time. You can make use of it from hobbies to work, such as those who want to learn for themselves or aim for independence in the future.
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Nice benefits

  • Pelvic correction & personal trainer training

    Training course participants

    Usually 00,000 yen

    000% OFF

    00,000 yen (tax included)

  • For those who passed each course


    Will be issued.

  • Beauty and health seminars


    Can receive

  • Certificate holders

    For customers of BST directly managed salons

    With an hourly wage of XX yen

    Can work as a practitioner

  • Free consultation even after the course

    Support for independent opening

    I will do it.

  • Various exchange meetings

    Information session

    Salon exchange meeting, etc.

    We will guide you.

  • Application

    5,500 yen (tax included)

    You can receive it at.

BST Esthetic Practice School

Recommended for those who want to acquire beauty knowledge and abilities in a short period of time.

Course flow

  • STEP1

    Apply from the homepage
    Please apply on the homepage or by phone
  • STEP2

    Course selection
    Select a course to take
    Please select the course you want to take from the following and apply * For details, please check the course
  • STEP3

    Solid short-term intensive education
    Solid short-term intensive education
    We will practice basics and classroom lectures in a short-term intensive manner according to the goals of the students.
  • STEP4

    Certificate issuance
    Certificate issuance
    Those who have obtained certification will support you to proceed to the following STEP
  • STEP5

    Independent opening
    Work at a directly managed beauty salon


Body balance maintenance & lymphatic massage certification

Body course 1

Body course 1

Cellulite machine

・ Basic learning

·Classroom lecture

・ Pelvic adjustment

Body course 2

Body course 2

FB machine

・ Basic learning

·Classroom lecture

・ Intestinal massage

Facial balance maintenance & lymphatic massage certification

Facial course 1

Facial course

Introducing Arivo

・ Basic learning

·Classroom lecture

・ Head massage


Facial course 2

Facial course 2

FB machine

・ Basic learning

·Classroom lecture

・ Head massage



COCO Esthetic Practice School Price List

Basic charge

3 hours usually 32,400 yen

Campaign price

3 hours 19,440 yen (tax included)

additional fee

Usually ¥ 10,800 per hour ▾

Campaign price

1 hour 6,480 yen (tax included)


Please see the access information to Coco Narita, which is reliable and proven.


Store name

COCO Narita

Street address

MK Building 1F, 3-10 Hiyoshikura, Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture

phone number
business hours


Regular holiday

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Beauty salon and COCO Narita is loved by the local community.In addition to a convenient location that can be accessed by public transportation and private cars, in addition to high quality facials and slimming that lead to beautiful skin and small face We have a reputation for high-grade body menus that help you do it. If you are coming for the first time, we will provide you with a sincere hospitality where you can relax, so please consult us.