Products handled
Resera -ADS-

You can purchase Dr. Resera's products from Coco, which are concerned with making products that are safe and produce results.

Would you like to improve the skin environment with products that do not use "petroleum-based synthetic surfactants," "parabens," "synthetic fragrances," or "formerly designated ingredients"?

ADS 1 washing
ADS 2 toning
ADS 3 resetter
ADS 3_ Resetter Lights
ADS 4 Assistor
ADS 5 balancing
ADS 5_ Balancing Lights
ADS 5+ Proretino
ADS 6 UV block
ADS SP Super Pro Retino
Resera -Aqua Venus-

Basic cosmetics recommended by beauty professionals to awaken the original power of the skin.

By using deep sea water (α Gri-X), we support the original "reborn power" of the skin to lead to a healthier skin condition.

Pure Moisture Cleansing
Pure Moisture Soap
Pure Moisture Water
Pure Moisture Water Veil
Pure Moisture Gel
Aqua Venus Trial Blue Refreshing Type
Aqua Venus Trial Moisture Moist Type
Transparent drops
Platinum essence
Wrinkle essence
Super Wrinkle Essence
Picno Precious
Excellent veil

The MATRIX skin care series, which has a complete set of skin care and base makeup, is the series created by Aitec by consolidating all its research.

Recommended for those who want their skin reborn.

Cleansing gel for DDS MATRIX
DDS MATRIX Skin Care Soap
DDS MATRIX extract
DDS exosome-introduced extract (skin conditioning)
DDS exosome introduction gel (moisturizer)
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It is a supplement that Coco recommends with confidence.

A healthy food based on the idea of contributing to a comfortable life through eating. For those who want to add something to their usual fun meal to maintain their health and recover from their illness.


It is a reducing water generator that can generate hypochlorous acid water, which is useful for disinfection and sterilization under the recent trends.

We would like to recommend a safe and secure life to your home.

Levelac SD501 Platinum
Grant Ewans

Corrective underwear that allows you to get an attractive superb body. Is the correction underwear dull? Don't you feel good painful?

Underwear for women who want to be beautiful, overturning such common sense.

We also handle products other than underwear

Face wash (face wash)
All-in-one (cosmetological lotion)
Face cream (moisturizing cream)
Premium UV100
Grant lift gel
Grant Scalp Essence
Sparkling veil (face powder)
Perfect Stick RF
Scalp Glow Up System II (Scalp Massager)
Skin Makeup UV Transparent Skin ● Bare Skin ● Glossy Skin ●