customer's voice


Facial experience person30 years old

I am satisfied with the results at the doctor resera specialty store, so I go there regularly. The goal is no foundation.

Facial experience person50 years old

The atmosphere inside the store is very calm, and you will be too relaxed and fall asleep during the procedure. After receiving the treatment, my skin becomes firm and I am satisfied every time. Since I can get advice such as home care, I have more knowledge and it is more fun to care for.


Head experience person30 years old

I had back, neck and migraine headaches when I was working from home, so I didn't wake up clearly when I woke up in the morning. I did.

Body experience person40 years old

I'm worried about my stomach, but I got a refreshing body for the summer. I am very satisfied. Until now, I haven't reduced my size by exercising or on a diet that I don't eat, but I succeeded in reducing my size because of my intestinal hunger. Recommended for those who have not been able to get good results.